Brand rep Bullsh*t

When I hit over 1000 followers, I started getting the comments from clothing brands saying something along the lines of ‘We love your babies/your style and think you would be a perfect brand rep, DM us for more details’. Wow, I thought, ‘people actually think that my son and I could rep their brand – it’ll make us insta famous!’ ‘We’ll be modelling and making loads of money before you know it!’. I messaged them back…after following them (it’s the only way to message them! Sneaky!), saying how kind it was that they thought we could be reps for them, how nice it is to be noticed, and how we’d love to be considered. Perhaps we would have to do an audition, or send over a video with more about ourselves…but then you get back the generic message that brings you back down to earth, saying something like this;

‘TERMS; must purchase at least twice a month, must post 4 times a month, must tag us, must post on stories weekly, must share our posts blah, blah, blah’ …and you think to yourself, ok, well maybe that’s not so bad, they’re giving me a discount code, (even though I thought I would be getting free clothes), and I guess it’s cool that I have a code for my insta friends too, and I’m sure that by repping their brand it will give me tonnes of new followers and more opportunities right?…urm…maybe not.

You look at the website…It’s literally the same products that you’ve seen everywhere, that still don’t really seem like a bargain even with your discount, and it’s not really something you would buy anyway, but still, not everyone gets to be a rep, so you should buy it, right?!

STOP and think before you get sucked in…this is an amazing way for the companies to get sales from you and other mums…Mums that want to be recognised from growing this beautiful human, Mums that want to earn an income staying at home, Mums that miss going shopping and love dressing up their little ones…Mums that are mostly only earning Statutory Maternity Pay, Mums who perhaps don’t feel so good about themselves after giving birth, and maybe even Mums who spend their time on social media to be…well…sociable. I AM ALL OF THESE THINGS. I am literally a prime target for these brands, and its getting boring.

To these brands – please stop targeting vulnerable women to make a few quid. It’s not kindness, you haven’t searched for the next big influencer, it’s a sales strategy that you should be ashamed of. These ‘reps’ are not gaining anything from you, they’re not earning loads of money per post, and certainly aren’t gaining a huge following from you. You’re getting repeat customers, with free models and advertising, all because you messaged a proud mother who wants to show off how beautiful their child is, in the hope that they’ll make an income from it, but instead they end up spending money on something they don’t need, something that’s of an unknown quality, made by unsustainable means, by people earning very little. It’s not kind, it’s not merciful, it’s just plain exploitation.

To mums like me – You might be lucky to be gifted some beautiful things now and again, and its awesome. Be grateful and honest about your thoughts when sharing it, and be thankful to those brands. Only buy from these ‘Brand Rep’ searches if you’re genuinely interested in their products, and you would’ve bought them anyway, but be mindful that, if you share the post and abide by their terms, it probably won’t bring you in an income anytime soon, and if you have found the secret to brand repping and getting paid the big bucks, then please let me know…we all want the secret.

These are my own opinions and experiences, If you’ve had any other experiences, good, bad or otherwise, then please comment below,

Thank you

Ashley x


Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

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