Inspirational You Tube channels that could change your life!

I can’t remember the last time we watched normal TV. We usually switch between Netflix and You Tube, but I have to admit that we get so much from You Tube, we learn something new everyday and the people we subscribe to give us such inspiration that its really brought out some hobbies inside of us that we didn’t even know we had!

So check out this eclectic range You Tubers, there should be something for everyone…p.s they’re not in order favs – we love you all equally and in different ways – haha!


1. Sailing La Vagabonde

It’s got to be my favourite channel at the moment. Following their sails around the world in La Vagabonde is so inspiring and brings back some nostalgia for me and my previous life spent at sea. They now have a beautiful baby boy called Lenny, and to watch them manage parenthood on a catamaran is incredible, definitely makes land life with a baby look very easy!


2. Off The Ranch

We love watching Matt and his family on their ranch in Texas, and all the cool things he gets up too. We’ve even bought some merchandise from them before, and a mini T-shirt for the baby when he gets older. Hubby loves Matts other channel Demolition Ranch and every now and then we’ll flick over to Vet Ranch too! A man of many talents!


3. How Ridiculous

We love these Aussie boys and their crazy antics which mainly include dropping heavy objects from a ridiculous height and seeing what happens, as well as the trick basketball shots from Dams in Europe…a very entertaining watch!


4. Michael Cthulhu

This Irish fellow now lives in the states and is an incredible metal fabricator, re-creating swords from video games, movies and more. His creations are often larger than life, and his attention to detail is like no other – definitely worth a follow!


5. Roman Atwood Vlogs

I love watching his family antics, watching them all grow up and seeing the exciting things they get up to with their brand Smile More. This guy is already hugely popular and certainly not a newly discovered Vlogger, but still worth a watch.


6. Patricia Bright

Whenever I need to know what’s gong on in UK fashion, I head over at watch Patricia. I’ve been following her for a while now, and its incredible how much she’s grown and built up her following. For anyone who wonders how good these crazy online fashion shops are, Patricia has done invested her money and tested them out for you!



7. Kara and Nate

We love following this cute couple around the globe, and hearing about their awesome deals and ways to make the most of their trips through air miles, Fare Drop and lounge tips and tricks. They give us great inspiration for our future holidays and I literally feel like we could be best friends!



8. Ashley Loren : )

Last but not least, I don’t film very much and haven’t done for a while now, but if you fancy checking our some of my vlogs from when I was pregnant, then head over to my channel…one day I might get back on it!


I hope you like these recommendations, if there are any channels you think we ned to discover, then drop me a message!



Ashley x


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Hi there, and welcome to my blog. Join me as I take you through the highs and lows of parenting and everything in between! I love to write about my beautiful family, as well as the experiences that every mum goes through in day to day life. I enjoy watching You Tube and Netflix and enjoy a good yoga session too. Thanks for visiting : ) Ash

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