Best value Rose Gold pieces you’ll find online

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You’ve probably seen that this says ‘affiliate links’ at the top, and think, yeah right I’m not going to bother even reading this, but stick with me. If you love rose gold as much as I do, but don’t have a fortune to spend, then this is the post for you. I honestly came across this site by accident and I’m glad I did, because I really love these pieces and the prices really are unbeatable. I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t believe it myself, so trust me, and take a look, and if you’re not a fan of rose gold, check out the rest of their website here.

When I worked as a Jeweller, I sold everything from sterling silver pieces, to 22ct gold pieces, as well as Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and pretty much any gemstone you can think of. All of the pieces I’m sharing today, I have sold the equivalent with high grade diamonds and a higher gold content, but with the EXACT same look. I’ve given you a rough price of what I’ve seen in the Caribbean and on board cruise ships, to give you an idea, if you’re looking for an in-expensive equivalent. (These are my own estimations, based on my experience between 2010-2015 and are not based on any products on the market today).


9ct rose gold & clear cz crystal half eternity stacking ring – £39

This is such a stunning, simple piece, and just gorgeous on its own or stacked up. It would even make an in-expensive wedding band too.

For the equivalent piece in 18ct gold with diamonds, you’d be looking at around £1200.

9ct rose gold wishbone & eternity cz sparkle stacking rings set – from £137

If you love the ring above, and want to stack it, here is another option, which they seem separately or as a group. I love both looks! For the gold and diamond equivalent you’d be looking at around £5000.


9ct rose gold 26mm plain capped tube hoop earrings – £57

Every woman needs a pair of simple hoops earrings, and these are perfect! The equivalent would set you back around £300.


9ct rose gold & clear cz crystal stud earrings – £24

I live in my stud earrings and these are an everyday essential. They look stunning, classic and you would live in them. The equivalent would be around £400-£600


9ct rose gold 7 inch karma circles bracelet – £66

I love this piece, its so simple and stunning. A reminder that what goes around comes around, that everything happens for a reason and everything is connected. The equivalent in 14k/18k gold would set you back £500-£800.


9ct rose gold wishbone necklace – 18 inch chain – £60

This solid wishbone piece will bring good fortune and if not, it’ll certainly look striking : ) The equivalent would sell for around £2000.




9ct rose gold small engravable heart pendant necklace – from £44

A classic heart piece, which reminds me of the iconic Tiffany brand. This piece can also be engraved too! The equivalent would set you back around £2000 plus more for engraving.



9ct rose gold flat heart stud earrings – £22

These cute heart earrings would suit all ages, but would be super cute for first earrings for those teenage girls who love their jewellery. I think these are a bargain! The equivalent would be around £200 – £300.



9ct rose gold bar stud earrings – £20

I love this unique style, just stunning and such a good price! The equivalent would set you back around £150 – £250.



These are a few of my favourite pieces on the website, but there’s loads to look at so check them out, and if anyone wants to buy me a present, you know where to look – haha!
Thank you,
Ashley x


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