Joshua raised £220 for charity on his birthday!

As many of you that follow me on instagram know, Joshua loves his swimming lessons with Water Babies and we’ve been going every Saturday morning since he was just 11 weeks old.

Water Babies teamed up with Tommy’s The Baby Charity for the 2019 Splashathon and our session just happened to fall on Joshuas first birthday, so it felt like fate that we should try our hardest to raise as much as we could, dedicate his first birthday to the cause…and dress up as pirates!

As parents, none of us want our children to grow up spoilt, always wanting more and it’s a really hard lesson to teach our children to be grateful for what they have, and try to put across to them that there are much less fortunate people in the world, so I thought this would at least be a good place to start, and when he’s older he can look back and see just what he achieved!

Tommys is a really worthwhile charity, funding research into still birth and miscarriage and supporting families through tough times, and so it was so heartwarming to see just how generous people were and just how loved Joshua is : ) Thank you so much to all of you that donated.

Going forward, I’d like to raise money for charity each year and dedicate his birthday to it. He doesn’t need any more toys, and grows out of clothes in a minute, and we pick up bits and bobs for him as and when he needs something, plus the feeling that comes over you when you raise this much money for a great cause, is amazing!

So why not dedicate your little ones birthday to a good cause and start them on a great journey helping others.

To find out more about Water Babies and where your nearest class is, check out their website

For more information on Tommy’s, check out


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