My top 10 Etsy baby buys under £5

When you reach your thirties, you know that the likelihood of yourself or at least one of your friends having babies are high. I love it! They’re super cute and snuggly and although it’s a tiring time, it truly is the best.

Unfortunately with babies, comes massive expense. Now I love a bargain, and we didn’t buy much new for when we had Joshua, just a few bits and bobs that he loves and has definitely gotten our moneys worth!

So here are 10 gorgeous baby buys on Etsy, all from the UK and all under a fiver.

For more info and to buy, just click on the product names, and just for your information, all the links are affiliate links which is no extra cost to you, but helps me greatly with this little hobby of mine : )


  1. Thor Baby rattle toy

This is so friggin awesome, so cute and such a great idea! We love it : )

Its made from eco friendly, child safe PLA and comes in three different colours, blue, pink and black.




2. Multi coloured childs name wooden train

We love wooden toys. They last a long time, and are more eco friendly to the environment!

IMG_1635 2

3. Donut baby teether

These silicon donut baby teethers are perfect for our little monsters. If you’re a huge donut fan like us (we had a donut wedding cake!) then this is ideal.



4. Squishy baby dinosaur toy

We decorated Joshuas room in Dinosaurs and have a few cuddly ones, but how stunning is?



5. Hand painted play cubes

How beautiful are these? I love the neutral colours, perfect for any insta-worthy nursery.



6. Rainbow sensory wooden ribbon ‘wand’

I don’t know what’s so funny about ribbons, but according to Joshy, they’re hilarious! Maybe it tickles him? Either way, these are a hit!



7. Jelly Baby knitted toy

I don’t know about you, but my husband is obsessed with Jelly Babies, and I’m sure our boy will be too…in the meantime, how cute would these be on his shelf!

IMG_1640 3


8. Chunky Stand up wooden name

Hand made in the UK, by RobRoy toy makers, a company that’s over 70 years old 🙂 I love a bit of nostalgia.



9. Personalised Baby keepsake blocks

Anything that represents the day my son was born, is well cherished…stunning!



10. Under the sea crinkle fabric wooden teether

Anything Ocean related and I’m hooked…pun not intended, but oh well haha…I love these whale tail teethers.




I hope you like some, if not all of these items. I can’t believe how much of a bargain they are, and when I can, I always like to buy from small UK businesses which makes me feel so good!

If you have any other posts you’d like to see, or anymore top 10’s, then let me know and I’ll get on it!




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