Take a look inside my hospital bag – The only list you need.

So I started putting things to one side, for the hospital bag, at around 25 weeks. I was feeling super organised and still had enough energy to think about it then. However, it then went to the back of my mind until week 35, when I started getting some early labour signs (tummy ache, loosening of bowels, lethargy, uncontrollable shivering, mild cramping) and then I thought…’Shit, I actually need to get this stuff together now!’ So out came the many lists and ideas that I scoured Pinterest for, as well as all the suggestions from mum friends. I went through them with a fine tooth comb, took out all the American suggestions of insurance cards etc and came up with my own Hospital Bag Essentials List.

Some lists I’ve read have a short list for Dads too, but I’d rather do it all myself and so I know we’re organised. Also my other half can sleep anywhere without a pillow, and he’s always wearing comfy clothing, so we’re not going to bother with anything extra for him clothes wise. If he needs anything else, he can pop home and get it, we’re about 20 minutes away from the hospital and his parents are on hand if either of us needs anything.

So here’s my list of basics, that I’ve fit into our changing adventure bag, the beautiful ‘Not before tea‘ bag by Zellie, which I am in love with!

For me

Long buttoned up Nightie (Primark £4)

IMG_1898 2
Nappies and my nightie

Buttoned up PJ’s (shorties)

Warm socks

Thin dressing gown (a maternity one from my dear friend Julie)

Flip flops (for showering)

Comfy crop top (Primark £5)

Big underwear (I picked up 6 pairs of big ass granny pants from Primark for £10 – super ugly, but so comfortable!)

Bikini top (For some relief in the birthing pool, no need for bottoms!)

Comfy clothes to go home in (As its summer, I’ve got a long, loose T-shirt dress)

Nursing bra (Another Primark special £10 for 2)

Eyemask (I don’t know about you, but I like it dark, and if I have to stay over in hospital, the lights will drive me crazy I’m sure)

Hairbands (Chuck a few in)

Must haves/home comforts

Hospital Notes (I’ve packed these in an additional open topped bag with my snacks, then they’re easy to grab, especially as I need them for my maternity appointments beforehand)

Birth plan

Fan (Handheld to cool you down)

My gorgeous ‘Not before tea’ bags by Zellie

Batteries for the fan

Drink and snacks (Sweets, nuts, protein bars, isotonic drinks)

Phone charger

Make -up

Playlist / hypnobirthing music

Pain Killers (This was a tip from my friend Emma, she had a headache shortly after giving birth, and they took so long to get her any pain killers – apparently she needed a prescription?! So I’m taking paracetamol and some long awaited Ibuprofen, just incase!)

Straws (Metal, so your birth partner can hold your drink whilst you concentrate – we picked up a pack on Amazon – no more plastic in this house!)

Own pillow / blanket (I’ll be honest, I’m not bothering with this, but If I’m desperate someone will fetch it for me!)

Empty bag (for laundry)

Magazine or book

Cash for vending machines / car park (I’ve been collecting change for a couple of weeks, and put it to one side!)

Water bottle with a spray / squirt nozzle (For cooling yourself down, but also after a vaginal birth you may want to squirt water on your bits when going for a wee – apparently its pretty sore!)


Lip Balm (I live for Lip balm, so this is a big deal for me!)

IMG_1900 2
A few must have toiletries


Body cream / Stretch mark oil (Kit and Kin mum bundle incl. Breast Balm £25. I’m still going to be using stretch mark oil for a while, until the bump goes down)

Breast Balm / nipple cream (Kit and Kin mum bundle)

Disposable pants (Freebies from my previous post and some picked up from Tesco)

Maternity Pads (Tesco)

Nursing pads (Freebies and Tesco)

Massage oil (During labour, I’d love a good back rub!)

Hand sanitiser

Deodorant for both me and Andy (I use Tropic Skincares natural vegan deodorant)

Mini dry shampoo (I love Batiste)

Mum bundle from Kit and Kin (Doggy from Next)

Mini body wash (Dove freebie from my last post)

Mini mouthwash (Another freebie!)

Toothbrushes (one for you, one for your birthing partner)

A packet of wipes (I’m taking a whole packet of Water Wipes, for the baby, for my face and if I need to wipe down there!)

Hair brush

Rennie (I know I shouldn’t need them once he’s here, but I’ve suffered terribly with heartburn, so just incase!)

Packet of tissues (Always handy to keep on you)

For Baby

Car seat (This is vital, they will not let you leave the hospital without it!)

3 x baby Sleepsuits (Long sleeved, long legged)

IMG_1895 2
Babys clothes, all packed up and labelled in Tesco freezer bags for Daddy

3 x baby grows

3 x baby socks

2 x baby hats

2 x baby blankets (I have a gorgeous 2 pack from Bullabaloo which I’m in love with)

5 x Muslin Squares (they’re easy enough to pack, I bought loads from Primark!)

3 x Scratch mitts

Nappies (I’m taking a whole pack of newborn sized nappies, and if he’s too big for them, then I’m sure the hospital will provide them, or my other half will have to nip out!)

IMG_1896 2
My gorgeous blankets from Bullabaloo

Nappy cream

Swaddle (If we have to stay overnight, he might sleep better swaddled up)

Special going home outfit (We’re not bothering with this, but it seems to be on every list?!)

Babys first cuddly toy (For cute photos!)

I hope thats a decent list to help you out and save you trawling Pinterest for, by all means, let me know if there’s anything else you can think of, and I’ll add it, but this list has taken up enough space already, and I don’t fancy lugging around much more!

Ashley x

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