Top baby freebies to get before your little one arrives.

I read a post on Facebook last week, in one of my ‘Mum to be’ groups, written by a lady asking whether or not the freebies you can get (particularly from Emma’s Diary) were even worth getting. I understand that people may not have the opportunity to get into town and pick these things up, so it seemed like a fairly harmless question to ask…however the post was responded to my an onslaught of mums and mums to be raging about how terrible the packs they received were, and how it was a disgrace that they even advertised them as freebies for mothers.

I don’t often comment on posts – I can’t be bothered with the phone dinging constantly with notifications, but I felt compelled to write my thoughts to these woman.

This was what I wrote;

 ‘They may not be amazing ladies, but still, its free! Yes, I’ve heard from friends that the packs used to be incredible, but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth! Even all of the leaflets – I’ve learnt about some brands that I didn’t know about before and even used some of the vouchers! Lets not put out anymore negativity than there already is in the world, we need to teach our kids to be grateful for everything they receive, and that starts with us!’

I had one lady who agreed with me, and many others who didn’t. I don’t know about you, but money certainly doesn’t grow on trees for us, and even if it did, why wouldn’t I want to get a free sample of a product before I invested in stocking up?!

This is all new to me, so any brands who are willing to give out products for free to see if it suits you and your baby, I feel, are definitely worth getting!

Here’s my top list of mother and baby freebies to get – oh and it includes Emmas Diary!


  1. Emmas Diary –  If you haven’t already downloaded the Emmas Diary App, then you can find it here. Its not the best pregnancy app I have, but its not bad. I’ve mainly used it, just to get the vouchers for the freebies, but you may find it more useful. There are three packs to collect in total. The ‘Mum to be – pack 1’, the ‘Bump to Baby – pack 2’, and the ‘New Family – pack 3’, and the vouchers will only be released to you at certain points in your pregnancy. These can be collected from Argos or Boots,  and the couple of times I went in, they often didn’t have them available, or they had the other packs that I hadn’t yet qualified for yet, so I’d wait and pick them all up together if you can, and don’t forget to print off the vouchers! See whats inside here.
  2. Tesco baby pack – I actually received a voucher for this pack, as part of the Bounty folder that the midwife gave me during my first appointment with her. However you can download the Bounty App here, and you’ll be able to pick it up in your nearest Tesco superstore. Again, I had to wait a while for them to have it in stock, but it was worth it to get a full size pack of Tesco nappies and wipes.
  3. Baby Box University – Originally an idea from the USA, its now ben brought over to the UK, and we can get hold of this awesome box for our little ones. Simply take a simple test…(don’t worry, it doesn’t take long, and you can take it as many times as you want) pay a few quid for postage, and you’ll receive this cool box…check out my review on You Tube here.
  4. Boots Parenting club – I’ve received a good number of freebies from signing up to this club. Once you’ve signed up, your boots card will load up new offers for you through the app, as well as vouchers being sent out to you in the mail. I’ve had free breast pads, as well as free MAM bottles and dummies from the Boots Parenting club too!
  5. Beaming Baby – If your like me, and love to embrace the eco friendly world – I wish everything could be- then you’ll love Beaming Baby. Sign up to receive a free pack including eco nappies, wipes and baby bath sachets. Also they usually send out a voucher to use too, which then makes the price even more affordable for these eco friendly consumables.
  6. Cow and Gate Baby Club – Now, I’m all about the breast feeding and really hope that I don’t have to resort to formula, but when you can get a freebie, why not?! Join the Cow and Gate baby club and receive a cute little cow cuddly toy and some advice on formula feeding.
  7. Amazon Prime Baby wish list – So this one isn’t so much a freebie, but if you’re already a prime member and are planning on spending some money in their baby department then this is ideal for you. Add items to your baby wish list, then spend over 20 pounds on those items and receive a free box from the Amazon Baby department. Be wary though, this offer does tend to expire after a while, and even though we are Prime customers, I found that the items I was considering to purchase, I could find cheaper elsewhere. SORRY FOLKS-THIS PROMOTION HAS NOW ENDED.
  8. Ellas Kitchen – Not a huge freebie or something that I can use anytime soon (6 months or so), however this envelope through the post certainly put a smile on my face. Bright red, with a truck on the front, this free Ellas Kitchen weaning chart is super cute, you’ll definitely want one ready for when baby starts exploring their taste buds. Sign up here and you’ll also get coupons through the mail too!

Sign up to as many baby clubs as you can, including all the supermarkets and if you’re willing to, these freebie sites. Be warned, they will bombard you with emails, and sometimes you’ll get sick of them, it won’t always be just baby freebies that they tell you about, and be aware that some items you’ll have to sign up separately for (If they ask for anymore than an address to send my freebie to, I tend not to go any further – I haven’t got time for that!) but I have had some great freebies through these sites, including a free pack of Lidl nappies, free Johnsons baby samples, free maternity pads and other bits a bobs (I tried to find direct links to these freebies, but it seems that these sites are privy to them);

Good luck on your freebie mission, and feel free to get in touch if you find any other great baby freebies, and we can share the love!

Ashley x

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