Pregnancy is friggin hard…and TMJ sucks.

So I’m starting this blog today after having probably the worst night of my pregnancy so far, and I’ve had some pretty shitty symptoms (I’ll delight you with them at some point I’m sure) anyway…I’m currently 33 weeks + 6 … I had to think about that then, I tend not to care about the days….so 34 weeks tomorrow with a dull ache down the entire right side of my head and face.

Less than 12 hours ago I was in an agonisingly tearful, excruciatingly painful pregnancy zone where my TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint syndrome) and fluid filled face was burning to the point where I thought I’d pass out and perhaps never wake up again. Petrifying, especially when I’m only 6 weeks away from having the strongest reason to live that I can think of.

It’s been a problem for almost three weeks now, and after visiting the dentist, pharmacist and doctor, all of which have come to the conclusion that its probably just hormonal, and even if its something more i.e hidden jaw / tooth problem that can only be seen with an X-ray, there really isn’t a great deal that I can do about it now…so just suck it up and pray that it doesn’t ever get that bad again.

My plan wasn’t really to start my blog with a piece of depressing writing but as my intention for this blog is to keep it real and hope that it may help others someday, I thought ‘Why not?’!

So now onto the helpful (I hope) part;

If you’re suffering from TMJ during pregnancy here are a few things that have eased the pain;

  1. Paracetamol – although after a while my body became so used to it, that it eventually stopped working, so try to leave it for as long as possible before you take it. (This is the only painkiller you can take – Ibuprofen would be ideal, but is not recommended to take during pregnancy at all, so stay away from it!)
  2. Hot compress – or a microwaveable wheat bag thingy…this really seems to have helped a lot, so if you don’t already have one, grab yourself one.
  3. Vicks vapour rub steam bath – I really didn’t think that this would help, however what I thought was congestion turns out to be extra fluid around my sinuses, and so deeply breathing in the hot steam, really helps relieve the pressure!
  4. Ice compress – this only helped when I first started getting pain, after a while the cold actually made it worse, so be wary of that!
  5. Massage – Take a little bio oil, or whatever other oil you might be using to prevent / help your stretch marks (none yet…fingers crossed) and go wild…especially around where your jaw hinges, that seems to be the spot!
  6. My last resort…which I just booked today, is a session with an acupuncturist, in the hope that they might have a miracle cure before my little miracle comes out and I can get all over the Ibuprofen!


I really hope that your not suffering with this as bad as I have been…It has to be the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life… although I haven’t given birth yet, so ask me again in 6 weeks or so!

Ashley x


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